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Plain Truth Ent , NYC Recording Studio

Studio RATES


Adhering to COVID-19  PROTOCOL

With Professional Engineer :

$ 75 Hr  Recording 

** Special reduced rates when available.


Ask for our super deals for 2023

$225 for 3 hrs (with deposit)

$275 for 4 hrs (with deposit)

$325 for 5 hrs (with deposit)

With Steve Sola aka The Mix King:

$ 100 Hr  Recording

$ 125 Hr  Mixing and Mastering

Rates above include Studio & Engineer

more info on






Steve Sola aka The Mix King has contributed his talents as a mixing,recording engineer, musician, mastering and producer 

on over 20 million records sold. 

He says. " I'm not famous but famous people know me ".

Matt Thrasher
Engineer , Producer

Matt Thrasher is an Engineer, Producer, Guitar player. He's always making sure that every artist is satisfied with their recordings. 

A very good engineer at Plain Truth Ent Studio.


Plain Truth Ent , NYC Recording Studio

Using the same studio and equipment that we use to record,

produce and mix famous artists.

-  ProTools HD, TDM, and M-Powered

   Waves top of the line Mercury plug ins

   Vocal Align, 4 types of Autotune and Pitch correction,

   Top of the line virtual synths including Omnisphere, Massive,

   Albino, Predator, Blue , Blade , IK multimedia
-  Focusrite Pre-amps,430 and Red 7

-  Apogee AD/DA converters, Focusrite Saffire interface

-  U87 Microphone, Violet microphones, Shure sm 81 and more


-  Mpc 3000,2000, DMX, Maschine, Bc Rich and Fender Guitars
  Kawai, Trinity, Legendary Roland D-50, Roland JV 2080,

   SE-1  , Korg, etc

-  JBL 708p Mixing and Mastering studio speakers

-  Tannoy speakers and sub, Yamaha and Krk Speakers

-  Soundproofed Vocal Booth, now with ac and vibe lights

-  Comfortable Client Lounge with AC, bluetooth amp & speakers,      writing desk,

   Smart TV with netflix and amazon prime, Client Computer              w/desk.

-  Free wi-fi

Plain Truth Ent Recording Studio is one of the best Recording Studios in NYC


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Plain Truth Ent

Recording Studio NYC

139 Fulton Street
Suite 714
New York, N.Y. 10038


Between Broadway and Nassau St


AEJ23456 trains

        $ 40 deposit                         $ 50 deposit

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         $60 deposit                         $ 80 deposit                          

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** Call Now

Plain Truth Ent NYC .... Recording Studios in NYC

Make your Dreams become reality at Plain Truth Ent Recording Studio NYC, 

Not Just the Top hip hop studio and top R&B studio in NYC BUT One of the best Studios in Nyc in any music genre.

Specializing in music, Adr, Soundtrack, audio cds. 

Hip Hop, R&B, Electronic, Pop, Dance, Symphonic Alternative, Reggae, Rock, Funk/Soul  etc.

         $100 deposit                        $ 200 deposit                          

or pay any amount and send to

Recording Studio RATES


RECORDING with Professional Engineer :

$   75 Hr  Recording

$ 100 Hr  Mixing and Mastering

Special reduced rates when available.

RECORDING with Steve Sola :

$ 100 Hr  

$ 125 Hr  Mixing and Mastering

Special reduced rates when available.

MIXING with Steve Sola :

$200-800 per song …..Mixing By Steve Sola aka

The Mix King

depending on the complexity of the song (how many Tracks in the song and how many songs that will be mixed or if the music is 2 tracked).

It takes Steve Sola 6-12 hrs to Mix and Master a song and get it ready for the radio,clubs and ready for release to all physical/digital outlets.

Approximate rates for mixing

10 tracks in the song = $200

20 tracks in the song = $300

30 tracks in the song = $400

40 tracks in the song = $600 includes mastering

40+ tracks in the song = $800 includes mastering

MASTERING with Steve Sola : 

$150 per song ($100 per song  for full cd)

…..Mastering By Steve Sola aka The Mix King

PRODUCTION : ( click here )


Ask us for block rates and we will try our best to

work with your budget.
Call for 1 or 2 hr sessions 



50% deposit required for all sessions

at Plain Truth Ent , NYC Recording Studio.
You can cancel or reschedule the session 24 hrs or

more in advance and the deposit is still yours.
If you cancel less than 24 hrs in advance , cancel the same day as the session or don't show  for the session you forfeit the deposit. If the session is  more than 4 hrs 

then the cancellation or reschedule is 48 hrs or more in advance.



Client Files will NOT be stored longer than 90 days.

IF a client ,specifically asks for the files to be stored

longer than 90 days, as a courtesy the studio will store

the files longer.

Please make a copy fo your files after each session.


516-835-8902  Steve Sola cell


THE INFAMOUS MOBB DEEP   ------------- "Steve Sola--thanx for all your time & hard work in the studio! "

RON ARTEST   ----------------------------------  "Million dollar ear Mr. Sola"

MATT GRIFFIN / BEATSTATUS   ----------- " One of the busiest and most well known engineers around, Steve Sola, The Mix King.
If you don’t know the name, you know his work. Nas, Mobb Deep, and just about anyone you can think of in hiphop are all on his record."

J HATCH /iSTANDARD PRODUCERS----- "Steve has his ear to the streets and knows exactly what the finish project should sound like"

MIX MAGAZINE   --------------------------------  "Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls was at Legacy Recording (NYC) tracking vocals for an
upcoming 50 Cent album. Dr. Dre produced and Steve Sola engineered"

THE SOURCE MAGAZINE…..................…."Big Noyd-That Fire, produced by Steve Sola, is  pure Bee Gees beat-making, with its whirling         strings and subtle bass line.  "

XXL MAGAZINE……......................................Steve Sola's buoyant organ with ...keep it gangsta"

HIP HOP GAME/ Brian Kayser-……........….Engineer, producer and writer. These are just some of the hats Steve Sola wears. Read up on one of the key figures behind Prodigy’s HNIC 2 as well as Voxonic’s game-changing technology. Don’t miss this one.-

ALL MUSIC GUIDE………........................…Best of the bunch is Anthony Hamilton's moving ode to the family provider, "Struggle No More," which appears both in its original version and a polished remix with guests Jaheim and Musiq Soulchild. -David Jeffries-

MELANIE CORNISH from Sola may not be a household name like that of those he has worked with, but when you check out just who he has worked with and the projects he has worked on, you take a minute to educate yourself..​



Ganzino Johnson ---- Like we always say Steve, u da man. U put that wrk in for yrs. continue to succeed on ya journey.

Rob Gee ---Steve #1 Engineer he knows His shit.


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