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THE INFAMOUS MOBB DEEP   ------------- "Steve Sola--thanx for all your time & hard work in the studio! "

RON ARTEST   ----------------------------------  "Million dollar ear Mr. Sola"

MATT GRIFFIN / BEATSTATUS   ----------- " One of the busiest and most well known engineers around, Steve Sola, The Mix King.
If you don’t know the name, you know his work. Nas, Mobb Deep, and just about anyone you can think of in hiphop are all on his record."

J HATCH /iSTANDARD PRODUCERS----- "Steve has his ear to the streets and knows exactly what the finish project should sound like"

MIX MAGAZINE   --------------------------------  "Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls was at Legacy Recording (NYC) tracking vocals for an
upcoming 50 Cent album. Dr. Dre produced and Steve Sola engineered"

THE SOURCE MAGAZINE…..................…."Big Noyd-That Fire, produced by Steve Sola, is  pure Bee Gees beat-making, with its whirling         strings and subtle bass line.  "

XXL MAGAZINE……......................................Steve Sola's buoyant organ with ...keep it gangsta"

HIP HOP GAME/ Brian Kayser-……........….Engineer, producer and writer. These are just some of the hats Steve Sola wears. Read up on one of the key figures behind Prodigy’s HNIC 2 as well as Voxonic’s game-changing technology. Don’t miss this one.-

ALL MUSIC GUIDE………........................…Best of the bunch is Anthony Hamilton's moving ode to the family provider, "Struggle No More," which appears both in its original version and a polished remix with guests Jaheim and Musiq Soulchild. -David Jeffries-

MELANIE CORNISH from Sola may not be a household name like that of those he has worked with, but when you check out just who he has worked with and the projects he has worked on, you take a minute to educate yourself..​



Ganzino Johnson ---- Like we always say Steve, u da man. U put that wrk in for yrs. continue to succeed on ya journey.

Rob Gee ---Steve #1 Engineer he knows His shit.


                                        more Testimonials


Samer Shatat ---- " You are the best producer of NYC my man "


David Seagal ----- "Awesome Producer; Awesome ears; amazing understanding of the song format!" 


D.j. Barry ----- "definitely dope producer and engineer. 

im a big fan .. especially of sola's production for infamous mobb.."


Tajiddin Morris ----- "Steve Sola is an amazing talent who's been at it for YEARS! I've had the pleasure of working by his side in the studio and can tell you that his ear for music and his attention to detail are unmatched. A great mentor and a great man, Steve Sola truly is "The Mix King"! -Dean of Dean and Ravo"


Antonio Tony Spades Speights  ----- "I already know its Magic cause the Grand Wizard "The Mix King" put his hands on it. Get it Sola."  


Farrah Burns ----- "Plain Truth... is the Plain Truth!"

Steve Sola is the Absolut truth. 

(The new 100 proof vodka) 


Jason A Walton ----- "Met The Mix King when the economy was strong over 10 years ago. Now the economy is taking a dump, but his productions are still top shelf. No recession at Plain Truth Ent!" 


Michael Majowski ----- "Steve Sola works with you to acomplish your goals in music i've worked with him on several tracks amazing crisp tracks. Also he has a great ear to the music you write n record, if you want label quality matierial yalk to Thola he been in the game for a hot minute . PlainTruthENT all day . OneLove Dirty-$$" 


Pierro -----"steve sola , aka the sound of mobb deep  respect from paris"


Arlester Staton ----- I was born with the art of humanbeatboxx and playing percussion instruments.. im an up coming producer/engineer im also a videographer and i was blessed 2 work with 'the mix king '


Alonzo Mark ----- "Plain Truth, gives you the plain truth on music "


Many Artists have said ----- Thanks, that means a lot coming from you. 


Steve Dav ---- Steve Sola is an absolute Music Genius. If you have any real talent and looking for your big break...connect with Steve Sola. If he can see your talent, he can help you achieve that... #truestory #facts

Kary Hudson ---- I've been working with Steve for a couple months now and I can honestly say he puts his all into every artists he works with. With him its more than just pressing record, he values every step of the process. If something sounds off, you'll get his professional input on how to do things differently in order to improve and get the best sound. At times I am amazed in his ability to interact with each artist and giving them a feel of being at home and comfortable, making him a great teacher to learn from. At the end of the day working with Plain Truth Ent gives you the feel that your around family who's mission is to give you the best quality which is Industry level.

Micsgarcia ---- I admire your work sir, this is what I grew up on. True classic hip hop music.. And I thank u tremendously for this because it made me the artist I am today. Music is my passion, music is my life...Salute to you Steve Sola to know u had an effect on us as children n still as adults.. U r iconic to me. God bless.

Thegotoman Upcares ---- U are one of the top producers in the game it's not about changing it's about growth and development keep your sound it's one of a kind but open to new things be blessed.

Wade Paul ---- Merry Christmas to the BEST hip-hop producer in The world! Even though you have all the tricks of the trade you still work harder than everyone else, and that's why you will ALWAYS be.... #mixkingNYChiefengineerallaroundawesomedude!!

Ben Cordova ---- You're a legend in my book. Just as much as those artists. Your ears are priceless Steve. Us musicians know you have all the Voodoo. The magic touch. Congrats on all the amazing work.

amusicalplace ---- Yesterday Salvo had the honor to meet Steve Sola! Over 20,000,000 records sold! The studio and Steve are so cool and the coffee as well! We are honored to have Steve on board on @amusicalplace! 

Ryan Larranaga ---- As a member of the Hip-Hop culture thank you for contribution.  (Conversation)

Devin KrazeBeats ---- Love watching my idol at work! Blessings to you Sir!


Michael Akhimie ---- I'm not famous but I know who Steve Sola is. And I'm based out in Nigeria...ppl who know u know u as a famous sound engineer a master at his craft.   (Conversation)

Grip Wadley ---- Ur a genius Steve!


Khalidmxsic ---- I always paid close attention to how well the records were mixed.  Especially on songs such as 'Adrenaline', 'Allustrious', & What's Ya Poison'. The drums and vocals have such a raw clarity and things like the sub bass on "What's Ya Poison" sits perfectly in the low end. 

v123splash ---- What up with the mastermind. Mad respect from the cali coast. Love your work. (Conversation)

Gilbert Garcia ---- Every song Steve Sola has mixed are some of the most influential tracks of my childhood.

Matteo Ritrencia ---- You mixed my entire childhood! (Convo)

Arsenio Velez ---- Only dude I trust to mix down a track besides myself is Steve Sola... #Facts

sharpshooter2k17 ---- Hey Steve s/o to u for makin incredible vintage polished material with the mobb and more specifically DOA Prodigy. I know exactly who u are. You're a fuckin legend bro.

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