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Skotty was born in Brooklyn New York. At 12 He left the city and moved around the east coast until he ended up in Georgia for many years. In Georgia he found a passion for music but it wasn’t southern rappers that caught his eyes it was the rap groups back up north like Dipset, G-unit, and D-block that he loved. Skotty got into a few rap groups as he was finding his own sound in the music industry. He stopped recording music for two years trying to go back to college until he made the decision that school was not for him and moved back to New York to continue his music career. Securing his sound and style while making music out of his home studio; Skotty a year later met Steve Sola. Steve Sola Aka The Mix King has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry like 50 Cent, TI ,Wiz Khalifa, Mobb Deep, Nas, Biggie, Eminem .... too many to mention..

Skotty was recording a couple tracks in the studio until he decided with Steve to dish out an EP. Steve Sola mixed and co-executive produced the project “After Last Call”. There were eight tracks on the EP: All I do, Top shelf, Right now, You don’t know me, This life is for me, My way, Dead wrong, and No excuses alll written by Skotty. There have been many show cases Skotty has performed in and won prizes. He continues to make new music and make his way up to the top.


Steve Sola  adds "Skotty's attention to details, fun music, and ability to be part of the modern sound made me excited to work with him. What makes him a potential star is his superb lyricism and it’s what made me want to work on a full length project with him."



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