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This is just a test from the computer.

I remember recording and mixing many songs on NAS QB finest cd vividly including #OochieWally top 2 rap single and 26 on top 100 on Billboard the album is now PLATINUM.

Released Nov 21, 2000 .

I also remember recording and mixing Die 4 for Infamous Mobb on NAS QB cd ..

The Plain Truth team also PRODUCED the song. I brought the finished song to Nas at the Hit Factory studios. When I entered Nas introduced me .... " this is the best engineer ever " awesome compliment, I'm blessed ... he also had another good engineer there working the session ( I apologize to him 😊) @Capone @Cormega @MarleyMarl @MCShan @MillenniumThug @MobbDeep @Nas @Nature @TragedyKhadafi

@BigNoyd @Havoc @RoxanneShanté

@Cormega @Jungle @BlaqPoet @Ruc @Bravehearts

@Capone-N-Noreaga @ImamThug @prodigyhnicforever @prodigymobbdeep @Chaos @CraigG @Littles @LordBlack @Mr.Challish @InfamousMobb


@MarleyMarl @L.E.S. @mobbdeephavoc @EzElpee @ScottStorch @TheAlchemist @TheInfiniteArkatechz @PlainTruth @AlWest @godfatherpt3_gpart3 @bigtwinsqb @tynittyqb . . . . . .

@stevesola @plaintruthent @mixmasteronline

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