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Mike B


Mike B is a versatile UK based producer with over 10 years experience producing urban music; predominantly Hip-Hop, but his portfolio also includes, RnB, grime, and UK drill.

His passion for music started from a young age and he went on to study Creative Music Technology at Bath Spa University, United Kingdom. Mike fell in love with Hip-Hop at an early age and took inspiration from East coast artists, in particular New York rappers and producers. Mike enjoyed studying and implementing techniques from New York producers such as 

chopped samples and loops, big beats, dusty hi hats and dark synths and began to incorporate these elements into his work. He has gone to work with a variety of artists of all genres

including animation companies and is keen to grow his portfolio further with Artists of all genres.



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Beat Stars:


(For Flight, Time and Kings Of Queens)

(If you are to use these beats you must credit Mike B Productions and inform him of your intent to use the instrumentals via email)

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